Victorian Miniature Theatre Productions

The concept for this venture was started by Marcus J Allen.
Marcus had various model theatres in his youth and performed productions of the original Pollock’s toy theatre dramatics.

Marcus Allen & Bradford Green are group members of the British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild.

Marcus conceived of the idea to take the Victorian toy theatre and perform the original plays to adult audiences as an antithesis to the modern era of high-tech communications. In an age of high-tech and instant messaging, Marcus felt that mature audiences would welcome a traditional, miniature theatre production as a highly differing experience.

The theatre productions are copies of original productions performed in the 1850’s. These productions are faithful allegories to narratives of the past and provide the adult audience with a charming offering not readily available today.

Marcus is assisted by his lighting and sound engineer Bradford Green. Bradford Green provides all the expertise for the movable miniature theatre concept, including specialised lighting and sound systems. Quite apart from the careful construction and visualization of all the characters and scenery.

We offer at least two productions annually and clients’ can commission a bespoke play from the list attached.

These are unique performances, that are performed in your own home, with voice overs from Marcus and Bradford with classical music introductions.

All plays are carefully prepared, in some cases hand painted, designed to fit the theatre and have appropriate music plus hours of dress-rehearsals.

These theatrical productions provide enchanting pre or after dinner entertainment to the discerning audience.

Marcus J Allen
Educated at Cheltenham College.
He gained a master’s degree from the University of Bristol.
Marcus is a member of the Naval and Military Club, London.